X-TRA Forum #3: Something About Feet, A life conversation between Simone Forti & Dorit Cypis

In 2004, X-TRA printed a conversation between Dorit and Simone, titled Between the Conceptual and the Vibrational. X-TRA is honored to bring the two back together to share another part of their ongoing conversation.


Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival

The LA premiere of Fabrizio Terranova's documentary, followed by a Q&A with Donna Haraway.

Making Kin

A group exhibition by the NAVEL Collective exploring the ethics and meanings of kinship.

Making Kin: An Evening of Readings

Readings exploring disability, illness, culture, and community, organized by Emily Barker.

Making Kin: A Collective Meal Construction

A dinner exploreing connectivity and kinship through the act of constructing a meal collectively.

One Very Important Presence

A collection of ASMR videos curated by Dakota Higgins.

Casey Jane Ellison Presents: Standup

Casey Jane Ellison brings comedy back to NAVEL with support from Chelsea Devantez, Heather Jewett, Langston Kerman, Brendan Scannell, and more.

Introducing Holochain: Distributed Computing & Eco-Activism

A non-technical introduction to a blockchain alternative rooted in the observation of natural systems.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 3: Flying Monks Temple

NAVEL presents the screening of Flying Monks Temple by Žanete Skarule, a creative documentary centered around the conception of The Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre located in the sacred Songshan mountain in the Henan province of China.

X-TRA Forum #2: Patrick Staff presents CLEAN NEEDLES NOW & NOW

An evening-length performance-screening based on Dont Rhine’s essay Below The Skin: Aids Activism and the Art of Clean Needles Now.

Outfest Platinum Alchemy Party

Curated by Tiffany Naiman and Dorian Electra

The Future Left Reading Group: Xenofeminism

The Future Left presents a discussion facilitated by two artists Olivia Leiter and CADE, author of the Xenomaskuline Manifesto.

AS IF! v.1

A Day Party with DJs, performances and installations.

Cinematheque Hansen with Frances McDormand + Screening of Olive Kitteridge

An evening with Academy, Emmy, and Tony Award-winning actress Frances McDormand.

Hard to Read presents Shauna Barbosa, Elaine Kahn, & Sarah LaBrie

An evening of readings.

Queer Biennial III: What if Utopia?

An international survey focusing on current moments in LGBTQ art and culture that showcases emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Queer Biennial 2018: New Works by Jerome AB & Spenser Theberge

Masculine Ken on Psychological Defense Mechanisms by Jerome AB & FLOWN by Spenser Theberge

Queer Biennial 2018: The Boy with the Gun to His Head

Justin Sayre narrates the story of a relationship with a troubled young man with a pension for self-destructive behaviour.

Cinematheque Hansen presents Funny Games with Karen Gillan & Mali Elfman

A women-centric, donation-based screening and discussion series.

Queer Biennial 2018: Juanita More's Naked Dinner Party

Juanita More! hosts one of her legendary Naked Dinner Parties with the Queer Biennial and Mark Tennyson.

Queer Biennial 2018: Babytalk L.A. - A Pop-Up Store by Talk Hole

A retail-cum-performance space blurring the division between retail and art.

Queer Biennial 2018: Pre-Reception Cocktail Hour with John Waters

A private book signing and cocktail hour with John Waters.

Dog Dream

Dog Dream by Nina Sarnelle is an ongoing investigation of world events, and especially the hyper-masculine posturing of neo-fascist leaders, through the lens of canine psychology: a model based on dominance and submission, fear and aggression.


Our relaunch as a collective with SOPHIE, Muñeka, Buckmonster, Loren Kramar and more

Justin Sayre's gAy-B-C's: A Brief History of Queer Culture

A show that moves methodically through the rich legacy of Gay and Queer Culture, touching on everything from Auntie Mame to Zebra Print.

A Bedroom for Strangers: Pillow Talk with Caroline Newton

A dreamlike bedroom installation designed to offer a safe, welcoming space for pillow talk.

LIVE in LA: Abdu Ali, FU Pay Us, & Bae Bae

NAVEL presents FUPU, Abdu Ali, & Bae Bae LIVE, hosted by drumBOOTY.

FLOAT LAND Arcade and VRLA Afterparty

An evening of music and virtual reality installations.

MAPS: Movement Arts Performance Space

Featuring new choreographic works by Samantha Blake Goodman.

Chorégraphies et Cinéma

Screening of Jean Genet's _Un chant d'amour_ accompanied by dance performances and dj set.

Sweet Nell Theatre Collective: FLOWERS

A monthly showcase of new writings and experiments in Theatre-making, headed by writer and performer Justin Sayre.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 2

This second chapter brings together works that examine the metaphysical implications of highly organized and codified architecture, from the mundane materiality of a home to the pragmatic utopianism of Biosphere 2.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 1: Walk by the LA River

Join a walk by the Los Angeles River led by artist Carmen Bouyer.

BUILT-IN, Chapter 1

The inaugural program celebrates artists bringing new perspectives to “real life” applications such as infrastructure, building, land use, and environmental stewardship.

we make space and space makes us

A pop-up show and conversation for spatial consciousness.

dublab 2018 Creative Cultivation Salon

Join DUBLAB for a vibrant evening of live music, DJ sets, visual and sound art activations for the annual Creative Cultivation Salon.

Queer Comedy Night: When Popportunity Knocks v.3

A night of queer comedy hosted by Nia DeBose

Aural Oral v.2

Inspired by the agriculture of ancient Japan, this dinner by artist Grace Denis pairs the auditory archive of its assembly with its consumption.

Hard to Read: Lovelace in Los Angeles

Hard to Read and Navel present Lovelace, celebrating the past, present, and future of women and the Internet, in conjunction with the release of Claire L. Evans' new book, Broad Band: The Untold Story Of The Women Who Made The Internet.

Queer Comedy Night: When Popportunity Knocks v.2

A night of queer comedy hosted by Michael Holt


A performance by Kandis Williams where movement and score create euphoric experiences of dissociation while conjuring the ceremoniousness that befits the ancient myth of Eurydice.

Queer Comedy Night: When Popportunity Knocks v.1

A night of comedy and storytelling hosted by Michael Holt

Viral Illumination 001

A new event concept created to celebrate poz artists and allies working at the intersection of art, culture and activism to build a world that works towards abolishing HIV stigma and builds opportunities for people to learn, empower one another and cultivate joy.

Resident Advisor LAX: RA Exchange

With The Black Madonna, K-HAND and William Basinski

Rather This, Then

A new work by Jermaine Spivey and Spenser Theberge

Earth Hold

A screening of six films inspired by the North American anti-racism movement and the Palestinian/Arab anti-occupation movement.


An exhibition of new work by Symrin Chawla and David Ertel.

Between Nothingness and Infinity

Comprising exclusively female identified artists of color, this exhibition presents work that addresses structurally intersectional forms of discrimination.

Panel Night: State of Token Economy + Presentation by FOAM

A panel exploring utility tokens & state of the token economy.

Akasa Community Outreach Benefit

Back to School Benefit To Support Akasa Community Outreach with a special performance by RyX.


27 artists respond to the 2017 North American total solar eclipse with a panel discussion with reserachers from NASA JPL.

Evolutionary Urge 24h Sculpture (Digital / Virtual)

Evolutionary Urge 24h Sculpture (Digital / Virtual) brings together artists that work in the field of digital, virtual and immaterial phenomena of sculpture.

Future Scouts

An urban creative lab and an immersion in 21st century survival skills for the youth.


Presenting personal and experimental erotic films that move against normative understandings of what is considered sexy.