Programming Committee Spring/Summer 2019 Announcement

Gloria Galvez, Jasmine Nyende, Dorit Cypis, Chris Tyler, Daleen Saah, and Yewande Pearse

Fall/Winter Season Announcement

A series of programs asks audiences to activate their memories, reassess social structures and mobilize for the commons of our collective futurity.


The New Internet Commons: READER on Black Twitter - effects of web 2.0 on blackness

Cassandra Press tackles the underanalyzed intersection of blackness, online community & identity, and the inherent racism of app culture.

Project Scream

Curated by Carmina Escobar, Fy, and Tom Leeser, join us for a listening party and an evening of performances where artists present their interpretations of the word scream.

Movement Practice Residency: Site Specific Strategies

A series of research and practice sessions for movement artists and creators, focusing on the development of site-specific performance work.


The New Internet Commons

An ongoing series of events which aims to understand the state of the world wide web today in contrast with the early unravelings of its utopian vision.

Alexandria PDF Library

A repository for digital files uploaded by and available to NAVEL's visitors via the wifi at our physical site


A platform to discuss the organization of living beings in physical space — past, present, and possible futures.


Position 3

Jermaine Spivey & Spenser Theberge premiere a new work in collaboration with filmmaker John de Menil.

Amiri Baraka's Revolutionary Theater

A celebration of poet and playright Amiri Baraka's approach to theatre and performance, which he saw as both an essential elements of everyday life in healthy communities, and tools for the building and sustaining of revolutionary consciousness within the diaspora.