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2019 Season Announcement

A year of inquiry, uproar and play.



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Core Programming

سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh

Decolonizing food around the سفره sofra.

The Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas

A screening about the Zapatistas followed by a skype with Skawennati of Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace.

Beyond the Net of Struggles: A workshop on digital organizing with Color Coded

Exploring social movement technology in the age of surveillance capitalism and big tech.

The Zapatista Wi-Fi Rebellion

Short-circuiting techno-imperialism with Zapatismo.

One Another

Come out from the shadow of identity politics through the power of intimate engagement across difference.


Demystifying genomics to inform identity in the age of the quantified self.


The New Internet Commons

An ongoing series of events which aims to understand the state of the world wide web today in contrast with the early unravelings of its utopian vision.

Alexandria PDF Library

A repository for digital files uploaded by and available to NAVEL's visitors via the wifi at our physical site


An intimate and informal monthly gathering where members of the NAVEL community come together to present on current research topics.


A platform to discuss the organization of living beings in physical space — past, present, and possible futures.


Tiny Tech Zines

Using zines, art and workshops to foster a more just tech sector.

Colin Self

NAVEL presents Colin Self with Davia Spain, & Xina Xurner

TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here)

A writing workshop approached as a fictional queer world-making practice.