Order Now: سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh Zine

A new collaborative zine by Massive Science & NAVEL on how genetics informs identity.

Order Now: 0.1% Zine

A new collaborative zine by Massive Science & NAVEL on how genetics informs identity.

Make Kin: Become a Member

Help us to imagine and build a more just, creative, and collaborative world.

Assemble: Culture, Like Weimar Is a Hedge, Or Is It A Bet?

Artist Robby Herbst of Llano Del Rio Collective writes about NAVEL's ASSEMBLIES program.

Seeking Interns

Learn more about internship opportunities at NAVEL.

2019 Season Announcement

A year of inquiry, uproar and play.


ASSEMBLIES Q2 Public Presentations

Join us for an evening of presentations by the ASSEMBLIES from Q2.

Core Programming

One Another

Come out from the shadow of identity politics through the power of intimate engagement across difference.


The New Internet Commons

An ongoing series of events which aims to understand the state of the world wide web today in contrast with the early unravelings of its utopian vision.

Alexandria PDF Library

A repository for digital files uploaded by and available to NAVEL's visitors via the wifi at our physical site


An intimate and informal monthly gathering where members of the NAVEL community come together to present on current research topics.


A platform to discuss the organization of living beings in physical space — past, present, and possible futures.



Presenters include Parag Mital, Sebastian Demian, Rhett LaRue and Echo Theohar.

سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh: Home Series

Decolonizing food around the سفره sofra.

Community Yard Sale

A Holiday Fundraiser for NAVEL

Right Wing (Media) Spaces

An evening of comparative spatial and political investigation organized by philosopher Armen Avanessian

The Spectacular Society

Contemporary dance re/presenting Japanese American internment and its present-day repetition.

Queer Maps Launch

A new digital tool documenting LGBTQ spaces in Los Angeles since the 1800s by Spotlight founder Chris Cruse.


Demystifying genomics to inform identity in the age of the quantified self.

Race, Genetics, and the 0.1%

Dr. Terence Keel and Dr. Aaron Panofsky speak to contemporary issues surrounding the implications of genetic difference.

Collective Skillshares: Embodiment Workshop with Hayden Dunham

A meditation and conceptual tool kit for returning to your body.


Presenters include Anna Zett, Liesel Burisch, Huntress Janos and Selwa Sweidan.

Goethe-Institut presents Worlds of Homelessness

How can artists engage with homelessness in meaningful ways?


A Discussion, Performance and Exhibition that aim to nurture and aid abolitionist creative practices

Screening: SOUFRA

Healing the wounds of war through the unifying power of food

The Zapatista Wi-Fi Rebellion

Short-circuiting techno-imperialism with Zapatismo.

سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh

Decolonizing food around the سفره sofra.