Order Now: سفره دايمه Sofra Daymeh Zine

A new collaborative zine by Massive Science & NAVEL on how genetics informs identity.

Welcome to the Board!

Announcing 2020's new Board of Directors members Angela Seo, Céline Kuklowsky, Randall Sarafa and Dr.Yewande Pearse.

Order Now: 0.1% Zine

A new collaborative zine by Massive Science & NAVEL on how genetics informs identity.

Make Kin: Become a Member

Help us to imagine and build a more just, creative, and collaborative world.



Join artists Bapari, Jordi, Alima Lee and Autumn Randolph for an exquisite musical performance by Davia Spain.

Core Programming

One Another

Come out from the shadow of identity politics through the power of intimate engagement across difference.


The New Internet Commons

An ongoing series of events which aims to understand the state of the world wide web today in contrast with the early unravelings of its utopian vision.

Alexandria PDF Library

A repository for digital files uploaded by and available to NAVEL's visitors via the wifi at our physical site


An intimate and informal monthly gathering where members of the NAVEL community come together to present on current research topics.


A platform to discuss the organization of living beings in physical space — past, present, and possible futures.



Join us for Valentine's for Bubbles 11th edition featuring special guests Laurel Halo, DJ UwuQi, Muschi, NAR, C.Frim, Buckmonster, Water Sports and Marie Karlberg

ASSEMBLIES Q3: Quarterly Meeting

Come learn about the proposed ASSEMBLIES for Q3

Collective Skillshares: Movement

Exploring trust and intimacy through the body and movement with resident Anise Hines.

ASSEMBLIES Q2 Public Presentations

Join us for an evening of presentations by the ASSEMBLIES from Q2.