Anxiety: Halloween 2018

ANXIETY eats at us. Paralyzes us. Invisibly controls our days. Yet despite this power over us, we often hide our anxieties from others— from even our closest friends.

This Halloween, rather than celebrating fear and frightfulness, NAVEL welcomes your most jangling and insidious anxieties to the party. Prepare to induce, confront, share, indulge, or drown your anxieties, sublimating them into the mayhem we have planned for you.

What exactly is an anxiety? They are moods rather than events, pervading modern life even at its freest. And unlike fright and fear with their graphic imagery of violence, horror, and death, anxieties rarely have objects, and thus rarely any chance of escape. But this October 26th, at least they have some place to manifest.

The doors open at 10PM (following our screening of The Hunger + Halloween Party with La Collectionneuse) with a mix of visuals by EXP TV, followed by the LA premiere of Bully Fae Collins’s dark and wry solo work “Plight Notions with Shandy” at 11PM. After the performance, we’ll pour our anxieties onto the dance floor until the early morning with dark, moody beats by Bae Bae, Bapari, Andy Warren, and Noise Pup.

10PM - Doors Open, Mix of Visuals by EXP TV
11PM - Bully Fae Collins performs “Plight Notions with Shandy” (see description below)
12AM-Late - DJ sets by Bae Bae, Bapari, Andy Warren, and Noise Pup

Plus installations, surprises, dark corners, and more.