Submit work for the 0.1% exhibition

As part of the upcoming program 0.1%, NAVEL is looking for artworks as well as scientific projects that demystify how genomics inform identity. Your project should address the sociopolitical and/or psychological implications of readily available genetic information.

We are looking for works ranging from sculpture and 2D work to video, film, sound, performance, AR/VR, immersive and/or participatory projects.

The selected participants will be announced on August 1 2019.


Diana Wehmeier is a worldwide art consultant and visual communicator for the scientific community. Through her passion of the science-art interface (SAI), and as the CEO, founder and Creative Director of PLASMA Magazine, her mission is to connect with researchers and innovators to ensure that their vision, work and process are delivered in a range of creative and engaging formats with the public. Over the past 5 years, she has met with over 1000 scientists, Nobel laureates, curators, engineers, artists, astronauts and innovators from a wide range of fields. These meetings and interviews took place at art and research institutions all over the world, from San Francisco to Astana.

She studied physics and aerospace engineering at TU Dresen, Mathematics at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Fine Art at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, and Cultural studies and Fine Arts at Leipzig University.

Dr. Yewande Pearse is a neuroscientist and science communicator. Her research interests in the lab focus on rare genetic neurological disorders, gene therapy, stem cell research and CRISPR, but her fascination with the brain is not limited to any one area of the field. She has written for Massive, TEDMED and Subpac, hosts a monthly podcast called Sound Science on Dublab radio and has been a guest speaker at Immerse(d), an event series exploring the impact of how deep immersive music can impact our brains, and Science of Grief, a 14-hour community conversation and performance on grief in partnership with Science Gallery Lab Detroit and The Detroit Institute of Arts.

Amanda Vincelli is an artist from Montreal living and working in Los Angeles, where she co-founded NAVEL. Her work troubles conceptions of the “real,” the “original,” and the “natural”—pointing to the possible disruption of normative social structures and human biology through the power of culture and technology. It tries to make sense of the control mechanisms at play in the digital space, their origins and ramifications: how the Internet’s technical architecture and systems of governance proliferate neoliberal ideology, inequality, and streamline the commodification of corporeal and personal experience. Her practice explores this contemporary cyborgian reality as both a site of transformation and control.

She earned an MFA in Photography and Media from the California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA, has a Bachelor in Strategic Design from The New School, New York, NY, and a degree in Health Sciences from André-Grasset College, Montreal, Canada.

2 additional members of the Jury will be announced shortly.