Sign up for ASSEMBLIES: Quarter 1


NAVEL is proud to announce receipt of 18 proposals for our first ASSEMBLIES quarter. ASSEMBLIES are community initiated and led learning groups that form around a theme, practice or experiment. ASSEMBLIES will gather, on average, twice a month from March–May. ALL are welcome to participate free of charge.

Sign-ups run online from Monday, Feb 25–Sunday, Mar 10. Select the ASSEMBLIES you are interested in and committed to join here

NOTE: Because we received so many proposals, the 10 groups with the largest number of interested participants will be selected as ASSEMBLIES at the end of the sign-up period. If more people have expressed interest in an Assembly than the group leader(s) can accommodate, the final working group will be selected at random. If an Assembly you sign-up for is not selected, we’ll encourage the group leader(s) to propose again in a future term. We’re really excited by all of these ideas, and hope to find space to accommodate them moving forward.

Learn more about each proposed Assembly by clicking its name and navigating to Vimeo to see a recording of the group leader’s presentation at our first Quarterly meeting. In alphabetical order, proposed ASSEMBLIES include:

Practicing Collectivity and Reclaiming the Commons
Led by NAVEL

(em)POWERing the rEVOLUTION: DIY Solar Power Technology
Led by #SNATCHPOWER (Uhuru Moore and Jordi Phillips)

A Neighborhood Lab
Led by Alex Borinsky

Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory
Led by Brandon Avery Joyce & Stefan Siegel

Black Ethics in Rap
Led by Sarah Pitan

Dismantling White Supremacy
Led by Svenja Wichmann

Ecstatic Pose Performance
Led by Jason Jenn

Faction 3 of The Revolution: Redistribute Wealth
Led by Jennifer Moon

Human Connection and Sustainability
Led by Emma Sutton

Improvising Ecosystems
Led by Reb L Limerick

Internet Self-Defense
Led by Juli Odomo

Let’s Make Time! And a Movie!
Led by Natalie Slater & Celia Eydeland

Los Angeles Artist Census
Led by Tatiana Vahan

New LA Futures: Reenvisioning the Structure of the LA Government
Led by Matthew Donovan, Paige Emery, Francecso Canas, Olive Kimoto, & others

Poetry and Experimental Writing Circle
Led by Sophia Aira & Billie Soo Hoo


The Art of 21st Century Noises
Led by Celia Eydeland

Led by Dany Naierman & Daniel Gower

Practicing Collectivity and Reclaiming the Commons
Led by NAVEL

A reading group lead by the NAVEL team exploring collective thinking and actions that reclaim the Commons. We will discuss NAVEL’s role as a catalyst for cooperatively or collectively-organized projects and initiatives. We will brainstorm what steps NAVEL can take to be more collectively-run by taking an audit of each area of operation.

GOAL: A collectively-written manifesto.