Refest Los Angeles 2019: Salon

Hosted by NAVEL, CultureHub LA’s Salon for Refest 2019 explores innovative strategies in participatory performance that catalyze social change. This pop-up exhibition will showcase interactive installations, performances, and experiences by Los Angeles-based artists working across disciplines, as well as artists from CultureHub’s global community.


6PM | Group Exhibition Opens
7PM | Interactive Games with UCLA Game Lab
8PM | Performances
9PM | Interactive Games with UCLA Game Lab

Participating Artists

Adeline Ducker
Alex Rickett
Amanda Ho
Anshul Pendse
Caroline Yoo
Cordelia Istel
Dahn Gim
David Elliott
Eddo Stern
Elizabeth Leister
Emotional.Store (Bailey Hikawa + Scotty Wagner)
Gerard Delmàs
Hayeon Jo
Hsinyu Lin
Hye Jeoung Choi
Ingeborg Govaart
Jen Agosta
Ji Sun Park
Jon Haddock
John Brumley
Kristin McWharter
Lea Schönfelder
Lilyan Kris
Luna Jeong
Mengyu Chen
Mi You
Michal Sela-Amit
Miller Klitsner
Nick Crockett
Peter Mark + Scarlett Kim
Sara Lyons
Seung Yong Noh
Sieun Lee
Sofia Staab-Gulbenkian
Sol Namkung
Soeun Kim
Steven Amrhein
Steven Ha
Tyler Stefanich
Weidi Zhang
Xin Xin
Yeji Kim

About Refest 2019

CultureHub’s annual festival brings artists, activists, and technologists together to envision our role in re-shaping the future. Through exhibitions, performances, and conversations, Refest 2019 explores how we create, resist, and redefine gender within an evolving technological landscape.

Presented in collaboration with Heidi Duckler Dance.