A Right to Defiance

Organized by Jasmine Nyende

A Right to Defiance celebrates queer expression by honoring ongoing legacies of disruption and resistance. This day-long festival includes a guided meditation, installations, intimate panel discussions, and videos and readings on the political dimensions of queer and punk culture, culminating in an evening of performances by queer/femme/Black/Brown punk bands from around the country. A Right to Defiance melts the face off white supremacy and heteronormativity as the standard environment for Punk, amplifying strategies for survival and healing.


2 - 6PM: Guided meditation, panels, readings, exhibition, vendors
9PM - 3AM: Music and performances


Performances by

  • Alli Logout
  • Edge Slayer
  • cherstrauberry
  • FUPU
  • Trap Girl
  • Tabor Dark

DJ sets from

  • Bapari
  • Edge Slayer

Panel moderated by Bitchface Podcast
with Tabor Dark, Paradise, Carolina Hicks, Uhuruverse, cherstrauberry, Edgeslayer

Readings by Carolina Hicks & Paradise

Videos TBA

Installation by Jasmine Nyende

Jasmine Nyende is an artist and vocalist for Black femme & them punk band FUCK U PAY US (FUPU). Her art practice spans performance, textiles, writing and community building as a form of activism. She leads a monthly fibers group centering how craft & DIY culture can be used for social justice.

Bitchface is a podcast hosted, written, recorded & produced by Nicole Kelly & Phoebe Unter. NK & Phoebe have also collaborated on performances, parties & a collection of zines, and have been residents at the Women’s Center for Creative Work and This Will Take Time.

FUPU (FUCK U PAY US) is a Black femme and them punk band from Los Angeles, CA with vocalist Jasmine Nyende, guitarist Uhuru Moore, bassist Sunny War and Bapari on drums. FUPU stands for reparations, femme and queer liberation and challenging the white supremacist status quo.

Edgeslayer is a multidisciplinary visual and music artist from New Orleans, La. Edgeslayer uses haunting melodies and harmonies to invoke emotional process. Edgeslayer is an intergalactic Demoness who traveled from the negavrrse to heal the human race with emotional dissidence! Edgeslayer uses unique samples spoken word, trap and hip hop beats keep that ass twerking in the spirit of the ancestors.

Paradise Khanmalek is a visual artist, poet, and graphic designer working with science fiction themes, color theory, the fabric of reality, and the sensual richness of our world.

cherstrauberry is a queer trans skateboarder from Oakland, CA. She is the author of “Diddley Squat Diaries” zine & has a one grrrrL punk band called “Twompsax”. She skates for unity skateboards and loves her cat.

The Uhuruverse is a Los Angeles-based PROTEST ARTIST who uses multiple mediums and performance styles to speak against oppression and demand liberation.

Carolina Hicks is an artist exploring illustration & painting, time-based media, self-publishing, workshop facilitating, installation, and sound work. Their work considers: how the colonial project hasn’t ended yet, grief, the death of hyperobjects, biophilia, patriarchy-produced pollution, misogyny as a virus, trauma and its forms, healing the wounded feminine.

Tabor Dark manuel arturo abreu is a Dominican poet and conceptual artist from the Bronx. Currently living/working in a garage in southeast Portland, they use what is at hand in a process of magical thinking, with attention to ritual aspects of aesthetics.

Bapari is a Haitian-American, Los Angeles based multi-genre artist, producer, composer, DJ, instrumentalist and vocalist. A regular on NTS Radio, she is the current drummer of the afro-punk band Fuck U Pay Us (FUPU). Bapari’s experimentation with somber yet danceable soundscapes derives influence from Dub, New Wave, Jungle, UK Grime, Footwork, Break Beat, Hip Hop, dancehall, ambient, Witch House, Post-Punk and Bounce. She most recently collaborated with Red Bull Music Festival & Compose LA, working alongside theorist and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors, Phd. and filmmaker Alima Lee.

At the center of the queercore music movement lives Los Angeles based hardcore punk band Trap Girl, formed in 2014. Trap Girl’s music is loud, gritty, impulsive, and powerful. It’s also beautiful; like gold chiffon covered in blood, dirt, and glass, it shimmers and it cuts. Sometimes it’s messy. It f**ks you up all while giving you life. Trap Girl threatens to kill rapists, protect women, and look good doing it, bringing new visibility to what it means to be trans, big, brown, glamorous, and pissed off in Los Angeles.

Visual designed by Jay Are
Image by Martin Crudo