afronowism ep III: organized by black beyond

Pitch Presentation

afronowism ep III
organized by black beyond

Meeting Dates: 6-8 weekly production sessions leading up to a virtual event/workshop. Dates TBD. Virtual event projected for NYE.

Location: Online via Zoom

In afronowism ep III, participants will attend 6-8 weekly production sessions with the black beyond collective leading up to a workshop rooted in Black healing with 1-2 guest facilitators. We will explore the history of sound as technology to preserve and transcend the spirit of ancestors and the indigenous. During the workshop we will gain skills to morph and create sounds for a collective sound piece.

black beyond is a radical platform for artists and activists to speculate alternate realities for Blackness. black beyond disrupts space, allowing Black people and allies to decolonize social infrastructures. It interrogates understandings of Black subjectivity outside the limitations imposed on Blackness by the racist imaginary through: Afropessimism, afronowism, afrofuturism.

IG: @blackbeyond_

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Image credit: jazsalyn, Jeharrah Pearl, Livia Foldes, tee topor

Fall 2020 Assemblies

Health, Racism and Wellness with Miss Barbie-Q

With the onset of the Covidian, political and racial climate of 2020, there is a real correlation to how racism (systemic, potential violence etc) is related to health (physical, mental, etc) which affects a person’s whole wellness.

Full-Bodied Expression as Public Health: A Focus on Hip Magic

We will be exploring one of the most oppressed & abused parts of the body: the hips.

#FuckTheSystem: Liberation via Black QT Sex Magik

how can we #makeradicalsexy and use our energy in service of dismantling cisheteropatriarchal white supremacy?

Queering Surrender: Expanding, Embodying, Remembering

This ASSEMBLY will combine reflective reading, writing, and discussion prompts with action-based embodiment and movement practices that allow participants to have a more felt understanding of theoretical concepts, expanding our ability to think with the body and feel with the mind.