NAVEL is excited to launch ASSEMBLIES—a platform for collaborative research, discussion, experimentation and creation. ASSEMBLIES invests in forms of learning that are open, cooperative, challenging and initiated by members of our community.

An ASSEMBLY is a community-led learning group that forms around a theme, practice or experiment. For a period of three months, NAVEL provides each ASSEMBLY with with space, support, and resources—including access to our equipment, peer network, and micro-grant funding.

At the end of the quarter, each ASSEMBLY presents a final project. Projects can take whatever format feels most appropriate, be it a presentation, performance, publication, field trip, object, website, physical structure, etc. NAVEL then publishes these findings. Participation in ASSEMBLIES is free of charge.

Assemblies were inspired and modeled after The School of Apocalypse’s working groups and Spektrum Berlin’s communities.

What NAVEL provides each ASSEMBLY

For the three month period of the ASSEMBLY, NAVEL provides:

  • Space
  • Technical Equipment
  • Micro-grants
  • Structural and methodology guidance and advice
  • Community
  • Network (connecting the group with relevant guests and arranging meetings)
  • Documentation

Space Bookings: Each group will receive two blocks of 2 to 3 hours each month during the quarter. Meetings must take place Sunday through Wednesday (alternate days and additional time can be requested) in the backspace or main space at NAVEL. Please note that some flexibility in meeting time or place may be required. We will do our absolute best to accommodate all space requests.

Micro-grants: A total pool of $1500 is available each quarter. Groups must submit an application outlining the amount and need for the fund. The ASSEMBLIES leaders collectively decide how the fund is distributed amongst the groups applying for the funds.

Documentation: NAVEL will publish information about each ASSEMBLY on its website and make the recording of all final presentations available to the community.

Participate in an ASSEMBLY

You may register for an Assembly online during the quarter’s sign-up period.
Note that group leaders determine the maximum number of participants for each group.

Q2 ASSEMBLIES will be announced on Sep 10, 2019 and the sign-up period will follow between Sep 10-20, 2019.

Participation in ASSEMBLIES is free of charge.

Propose an ASSEMBLY

Register here to present at the next quarterly meeting about an ASSEMBLY you would like to propose and lead. Make sure you read the presentation guidelines and the ASSEMBLY leaders’ responsibilities carefully before proposing an ASSEMBLY.

All are welcomed regardless of background, experience, or expertise, as long as you have the desire to dive into a topic of interest and commit to it for a period of 3 months!

There are no disqualifying factors or topics unless the values promoted by the groups are in total misalignment with NAVEL’s. For example, we will not support any groups promoting any kind of violence, racism, homophobia, anti-semitism, misogyny, misandry, patriarchy, etc.

An ASSEMBLY must have at least 3 committed participants to be supported. If more than 10 groups are proposed, the groups with the highest number of interested participants will be selected. The groups who cannot participate in this Quarter can of course reapply at the following Quarterly meeting.

Presentation Guidelines for Proposing an ASSEMBLY

At the Quarterly Meeting people with proposals will have five minutes to make their case. Can you make your presentation into a song? Can you lead everyone in an activity? Can you read a group manifesto? Can you print flyers? Can you promote your ASSEMBLY with animated gifs? Yes, yes, yes and yes, as long as you feel like it is a clear, persuasive description of your proposal, and you do it in under 5 minutes!

Please be sure to answer the following questions at some point during your proposal:

  • Who are you?
  • What topic, skill, or area of research are you interested in? Why is it important?
  • What is the proposed goal for your ASSEMBLY?
  • What methodology or format are you suggesting?
  • What is the ideal size for your group? Is it closed after the signup meeting or can people join on an ongoing basis?
  • How frequently would you like to meet? When? Where (if not at NAVEL)?

Responsibilities of ASSEMBLY Leaders

For the three month period of the ASSEMBLY, leaders commit to:

  • Managing communication with the group and with NAVEL team
  • Outlining a schedule for group meetings and coordinating to book space at NAVEL
  • Attending all group meetings
  • Developing and spearheading the methodology and process for the ASSEMBLY, in collaboration with the rest of the group
  • Motivating the group to complete the quarter and prepare a final presentation of your findings
  • Making sure the space is tidy following group meetings and that group members follow NAVEL’s Code of Conduct

ASSEMBLIES Schedule for 2019

Quarter 1
Deadline to Propose an ASSEMBLY: Sunday, Feb 17 by 11:59PM
Quarterly Meeting: Monday, Feb 25 from 7-10PM
Online Sign-Up: Feb 26-Mar 10
Final Announcement of Groups: Mar 12
First Quarter dates: Mar 11 — May 31
ASSEMBLIES Q1 public presentations: June 3 from 7-10PM

Quarter 2
Open Call to propose an ASSEMBLY: Aug 6
Deadline to Propose an ASSEMBLY: Sunday, Aug 25 by 11:59PM
Quarterly Meeting / Proposals Presentations: Sep 3 from 7-10PM
Voting period (Previous and new ASSEMBLIES leaders vote): Sep 5-9
Final Groups Announcement: Sep 10
Online Sign-up: Sep 10-20

Second Quarter dates: Sep 24, 2019 - Jan 12, 2020
ASSEMBLIES Q2 public presentations: Jan 12, 2020 from 7-10PM

Active Assemblies (Quarter 1)


NAVEL’s ASSEMBLY this quarter is Practicing Collectivity and Reclaiming the Commons. This group lead by the NAVEL team will meet bi-weekly on Mondays from 5-7PM starting March 18, 2019 through the end of May.

Community-Organized ASSEMBLIES:

Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory
Led by Brandon Avery Joyce & Stefan Siegel

Black Ethics in Rap
Led by Sarah Pitan

(em)POWERing the rEVOLUTION: DIY Solar Power Technology
Led by #SNATCHPOWER (Uhuru Moore and Jordi Phillips)
Micro-Grant Recipient: $1350

Faction 3 of The Revolution: Redistribute Wealth
Led by Jennifer Moon

Human Connection and Sustainability
Led by Emma Sutton

Internet Self-Defense
Led by Juli Odomo

Los Angeles Artist Census
Led by Tatiana Vahan
Micro-Grant Recipient: $100

New LA Futures: Reenvisioning the Structure of the LA Government
Led by Matthew Donovan, Paige Emery, Francecso Canas, Olive Kimoto, & others

Poetry and Experimental Writing Circle
Led by Sophia Aira & Blue Soo Hoo
Micro-Grant Recipient: $50