Open project proposals are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. Please make sure to read the below carefully before submitting a proposal.

Due to the number of project proposals we receive, you will experience a delay in response.
The NAVEL staff reviews the proposals carefully during a monthly meeting open to the members of the collective, which tends to fall on the 3rd Monday of the month. We accept on average 1-2 proposals per month.

Currently, all of our programming budget is allocated to the programs developed by the committee, elected every six months through an open call. We do not engage with projects if we cannot provide adequate support, which includes the use of the space, event production and communication. At the moment, we do not have the bandwith to cover production costs, artist fees and honorariums for open proposals. We tend to accept proposals for fully-developed projects with sufficient funding and resources, which connect with our mission and values.

Thank you for your submission. We look forward to reading it!

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