NAVEL began in 2014 when Caspar Boehme, Kristoffer Josefsson and Jonas Wendelin initiated the renovation of our space in Downtown Los Angeles (a former IBM server room facility), with the intention of exploring togetherness and collaborative practices. In its early years, accolades and collaborators contributed greatly to the embellishment and energy of the space, and local and visiting international artists, architects, academics, and other creatives had the opportunity to test out and exhibit their projects. From this collaborative spirit, experiment, work, and love, NAVEL was born.

From 2016-2017, NAVEL incubated different initiatives including, an exploration of VR-broadcasting revisiting the formats, hierarchies, and aesthetics of the media industry, and FOAM, a geospatial protocol technology on the blockchain.

In 2017, Michael Holt and Amanda Vincelli joined NAVEL and began a private rental program in order to sustain operations and fund a wide range of events, performances, and exhibitions. In 2018, NAVEL became a non-profit and community-driven cultural space.